The brand SECRET HEART® wishes to reveal the most amazing wealth of our life : LOVE. To feel love towards someone is priceless.

Secret Heart

Similar to life, love evokes emotions in abundance. For some, passion, tingling in the stomach, for others the feeling of security with his partner. One cherishes humor, culinary art or simply the scent of their love. You know for a long time who your heart beats for and you want to reveal it to your beloved. Whether for Valentine's Day, for an engagement or to renew your wedding vows: A SECRET HEART® ring accompanies you throughout your life.


Do you fathom the secret of giving ? We call it «sharing». Share your experiences with your loved ones and be grateful to receive these beautiful moments.

Whether it's with your best friend, your daughter, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or just like that: with SECRET HEART®, you can reveal your gratitude in many ways. If you live it from the heart, you can be sure to receive more in return than just a beaming smile. Giving is not a secret.
Schenk dich glcklich


What would we be without our memories? Certainly, every moment of our existence isn’t only pure happiness. Indeed, life reveals an infinity of facets. However, thinking about the people dearest to your heart allows you to stay happy and reflect on the future peacefully. It is also the wish of SECRET HEART®. Contemplate the heart and remember the most beautiful moments of your life. As often as you want.


Life is colorful and full of surprises, versatile, offering moments of excitement or serenity. Everyday life is multifaceted sometimes requires factual reflection; an hour later romantic emotions overwhelm us. In any situation, always remember your own luck, that is your secret gem. The happiness you receive from your partner, your children and your friends is precious. Just listen to your heart, the happiness will submerge you.