Life is colorful and full of surprises. Life is a chameleon offering moments of excitement and serenity. Versatile, our everyday life sometimes requires factual reflection; an hour later romantic emotions overwhelm us. However, always listen to your heart - and find inner peace and balance.

Your life


The bliss of being with your loved ones is wonderful. Together or apart, memories bring you together. How to immortalize your profound feelings and cherished memories? Preserve your most delightful moments of love and affection, sealed in two hearts hidden at your ring finger. SECRET HEART® reveals its creations and the secret of love.

Your love


Similar to life, love evokes emotions in abundance. For some, passion, tingling in the stomach, for others the feeling of security with his partner. One cherishes humor, culinary art or simply the scent of their love. You know for a long time who your heart beats for and you want to reveal it to your beloved. Whether for Valentine's Day, for an engagement or to renew your wedding vows: A SECRET HEART® ring accompanies you throughout your life.

Geheimnis der Liebe


Life reveals an infinity of faces. Surprises are revealed at every turn, not every day, but who knows? Maybe you will win the first prize next day. Or are you one of the lucky ones of this world, who appreciates life and have found their own happiness? Like Ruth and Günther who enjoy, fulfilled, the twilight of their life together. Their secret: both have always listened to their hearts during the highs and lows of their lives.

Geheimnis des Glcks